56 Best Critical Care Nursing Research Topics ideas with examples


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Are you searching Critical Care Nursing Research Topics? Critical care nursing is an evolving field. If you are looking for research proposal topics in critical care, we’ve got you. We have a great list of the latest nursing dissertation topics in critical care. You can use these for your undergrad and master’s programs. Similarly, if you want, we also have a list of nursing, dementia, marketing, and human resource management topics. We can also help you in completing your research according to the standards and requirements.

Best Critical Care Nursing Dissertation topics or research topics for masters and undergraduate students

Here is the list of Critical Care Nursing Research Topics and titles for college students.

  • Analyzing the importance of timings in the critical care nursing areas.
  • Probing the essential role of nursing – a literature review.
  • Literature review on critical nursing analysis in the past 10 years.
  • Examining the strategies of management of acute patients of dementia.
  • To maintain professional habits in the intensive care system – a case analysis of the US.
  • Brief examination and plans for critical care patients above the age of 50.
  • Do you think visitation should be allowed in the critical care unit?
  • An analysis of the nurse’s perspective on essential visitors of the patient.
  • Necessary care education is very important among critical nurses – a cross-country analysis.
  • Risk and caring factors of pressure injuries among ICU patients.
  • The difference between planned and emergency surgeries – a case scenario analysis
  • The study on Ventilator-associated ill patients and their need for health care facilities.
  • What are the challenges faced by the critical care nursing system?
  • Do nurses face problems with visitors? How do they cause disturbance?
  • Review on critical decision making by nurses in cardiac patients in the UK.
  • What key challenges do nurses face in ICU? – a critical analysis
  • Study on care in a technologically intense environment.
  • Study on the situation of patients with heart failure in the primary health care unit.
  • Equipment training for the nurses in the critical care unit.
  • Nurses study the importance of urgent and intensive care in the nursing field in the UK.
  • The nurse also provides telephonic consultation in the primary care of patients in the UK.
  • Discussion is related to why Should nurses are allowed to prescribe medicines to critical patients in the UK.
  • Emphasizing the status of psychological aid in ICU patients – a case analysis
  • Critically stating the miscommunication between the Physician and nurses in the intensive care unit.
  • A study on low income in essential nurses and how it affects their motivation and work commitment.
  • How do caregivers communicate with critical patients in ICU?
  • How do nurses manage covid’19 acute patients?
  • What issues were faced by nurses during the covid’19 pandemic period?
  • Did the covid situation also affect the personal life of critical care nurses?
  • What was the actual condition of the care department during this pandemic?
  • Is job satisfaction important in a nursing career?
  • Do nurses get demotivated due to low pay like offices?
  • What problem do nurses face while decision-making for the patients?
  • How do nurses take the end of life decisions? A survey analysis.
  • The study states that nursing scores got high in this pandemic period.
  • Spiritual well-being survey unit.
  • Does good critical thinking equal effectiveness in decision-making among critical nurses care?
  • Study on psychological stress among health care professionals.
  • Case study on post-traumatic stress system for the nurses after a patient’s death.
  • How does the relationship between nurse and patient impact the intensive care unit?
  • Study on doing critical care nurses accomplish resilience.
  • What is burnout syndrome, and how does it affect the quality of care offered by nurses?
  • Study on nutritional care to acute care patients and the role of nurses.
  • Connection in the middle of blood shortage and the patient outcome after transfusion.
  • Managing the open wound in urgent care – what measures must be taken instantly by nurses?
  • Study on the patients with aid and how nurses play their role.
  • Case study on causes of burnout patients in critical care.
  • Do nurses get affected by essential patients of care conditions?
  • Does a nurse’s private life get affected by the patient’s outcome?
  • Do Male and females get different types of critical care?

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