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Downloading Dissertation Samples without Properly Researching the Source Won’t Help you because

  • All dissertation samples are written on distinctive and unique topics.
  • The Pass-Outs usually sell their dissertations to make a few bucks to websites that then resell them for a price as a sample dissertation.
  • If you copy anything from a dissertation sample, you will eventually get caught in plagiarism.
  • Different universities have different requirements and therefore students have to write dissertations according to the requirements of their universities.
  • The dissertation sample you downloaded was written for a dissertation supervisor who may be entirely different from yours.

How to find a dissertation sample that can actually help you in moving forward with your dissertation writing?

It depends upon the source from which you are getting the dissertation example. Below are a few tips to check the source before downloading a sample dissertation.

4 Questions to Ask Before Downloading Dissertation Examples from Any Website

  • What Kind of a Website Is It? Is it an educational resource such as your college or university website? By the way, you can also consult your college library to get Dissertation Examples for a nominal fee. You can also ask your supervisor if you can access a good dissertation example to model your work upon. It is critical to determine the authority of the website before you download a dissertation sample.
  • Why Are They Giving the Dissertation Examples For FREE? If it is not an educational resource, then why are they providing dissertation examples especially if they are giving it for FREE? (We provide Dissertation Examples just for reference purposes. To make students understand the intricacies of writing a dissertation)
  • Who Wrote the Dissertation Sample? Was the dissertation written by someone who does not speak English as a first language? What was the class or course the dissertation was written for? When was it written?
  • Was It Approved & What Grade Did It Get? This is the most important thing to know before you model a dissertation example. If the example you are following failed to get approval, then chances are your dissertation may end up with the same result.

7 Things to Look for in a Dissertation Template or Sample That Will Actually Help You in Writing Your Dissertation Better!

  • Always See How the Problem Statement Is Being Stated in the dissertation sample. It should be attention-grabbing and relevant. It should invoke curiosity for the reader to read on. For example, “How can the third world countries have more drinking water without having to do any major investment” invokes curiosity and is more precise as opposed to “getting more water for less cost”.
  • Always Look at the: a) Fonts, b) Page numbers c) Style of writing, d) Use of heading They would give you proper ideas as to how to structure YOUR dissertation and saves you from the torture of editing your dissertation.
  • Note The Relevance and the Structure of the Literature Review. Is it a copy-paste mess or is it analytical-based content? Having a relevant literature review is like having 70% of your work done because all the research compilation is narrowed down in this chapter.
  • It Is Very Important to Note down the Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods used in the thesis sample. This gives you a clear-cut idea as to how you should conduct your research.
  • The Methods by Which the Data Has Been Obtained Should Also Be Noted. Questionnaires should be scrutinized, and population data should be thoroughly studied. Any irregularities resulting from gender, race, and political affiliation bias should be noted and avoided.
  • The Results and Conclusion Should Be Interesting and Absolutely Accurate according to your collected data and thoroughly specific. For example, “We can conclude with water management and water treatment we can raise the water supply by 35% in the dams” as opposed to “turning off your taps will save water”. If the conclusion is presented properly, it gives a sense of closure. A very badly written conclusion only invokes more questions.
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