Complete Your Dissertation Proposal Writing In Less Than 7 Days To Explain Why You Want To Do The Research and How You Intend To Carry It Out and Convince Your Tutor or Supervisor That You Have a Concrete, Specific, and Workable Plan for the Dissertation Now convincing your dissertation committee about your research question is […]

Complete Your Dissertation Proposal Writing In Less Than 7 Days To Explain Why You Want To Do The Research and How You Intend To Carry It Out and Convince Your Tutor or Supervisor That You Have a Concrete, Specific, and Workable Plan for the Dissertation

Now convincing your dissertation committee about your research question is no BIG deal. Also, persuade them through your flawless DISSERTATION PROPOSAL that you’re in a position to do a great job pursuing the research question.

  • Have you been trying to write a dissertation proposal but have no idea how to define and delimit your research question?
  • Are you pulling your hair out in frustration since you don’t know how to explain the significance of the research question to someone not very familiar with it?
  • Have you read everything significant that was ever written relating to the research question you are interested in but still can’t write the literature review for your dissertation proposal?
  • Are you confused about which particular dissertation data collection strategies to use in your dissertation proposal methodology?

No matter which problem is preventing you from completing your dissertation proposal, we can help you complete it in time and get it approved, GUARANTEED.

Get the Hardest Part of the Dissertation Completed and Approved in Less Than 7 Days, and You Are at Least 50% Done.

Here’s How

Dissertation Research Proposal Consultation That Will:

  • Not only proposes a problem to be investigated but will show that the problem is significant enough to deserve an investigation ( Introduction)
  • Link your proposed work with the work of others, while proving you are aware of major schools of thought relevant to the topic (literature review)
  • Show that the research method to be employed to investigate the problem is REALISTIC and APPROPRIATE (methodology)
  • Demonstrate that the study results are likely to be productive and will make an original contribution (conclusion)

Writing a dissertation proposal will form a master plan of action that will guide you through the dissertation and will lessen the likelihood of any unwanted surprises later on when you carry out your research

With our dissertation research proposal help, all you’ll be left to do is execute the research and perform the analysis based on the provided proposal.

Here Is The Six-Step Formula To Write Your Dissertation Proposal And Get It Approved In Just Seven Days! Now You Don’t Have To Worry Anymore About “How To Write Dissertation Proposal?”

1. Dissertation Proposal Consultation:

  • Your dissertation proposal will be developed according to your specifications. Generally, students download freely available dissertation proposal samples. Let us tell you that they won’t help you with writing a dissertation proposal according to your specifications.
  • Your consultant will first get the details of how you exactly want your research proposal to develop and then produce one accordingly.

2. “Plagiarism-Free” Dissertation Proposal:

  • Your dissertation proposal will be 100% Plagiarism-Free. If you get examples of the dissertation proposal and turn it in as your own, you will eventually get caught in plagiarism.
  • You will receive a dissertation proposal designed especially for you. Meaning, that the sentences will not be copied from anywhere and therefore, will be unique.
  • To prove to you the uniqueness of your custom dissertation proposal, we will deliver a FREE Plagiarism Scan Report. All proposals are scanned against:
    1. Two million hardcover sources
    2. Four billion web pages
    3. All work previously delivered by our consultants

3. Qualified & Expert Consultants:

  • All our consultants have more than five years of experience.
  • Your dissertation proposal will be assessed by an academic writing expert with relevant experience in your area of study to ensure your success.
  • You will unquestionably succeed when our experienced consultants help you with your dissertation proposal preparation. You most certainly don’t want to waste your time looking for examples of dissertation proposals.

4. Direct Contact with Consultant:

  • You will be kept in constant touch with your assigned consultant. You will be able to provide him/her with any new instructions that you want to be followed after studying literature or meeting your supervisor. You can’t expect this amount of flexibility out of just reading a few dissertation proposal samples.
  • You can also write to your consultant and guide him/her regarding the organization of your proposal. In other words, you would have complete control of the drift of your dissertation research proposal.

5. Round-The-Clock Customer Support – 6 Days a Week:

  • You are most welcome to get in touch with us via phone, online chat, or email at any hour of your choice through weekdays and most of the weekend.
  • We made and maintain the record email response time in our industry: Guaranteed in three hours!!

6. Guaranteed Timely Delivery:

  • Our guarantees of timely delivery and speed and reliability of service make us proud.
  • We will deliver your dissertation proposal to your inbox before your given deadline.
  • At the same time, we aim to deliver your proposal a day before your deadline.

Our consultants have been helping students develop proposals for dissertations for many years and know exactly what your dissertation proposal format should be like and how to organize one that will be approved, guaranteed.

On a more general note, the following is the format of the dissertation proposal we follow:


  1. Title:

  2. A summary of the topic not exceeding 15 words. Mention the nature of the study. All are typed in capital letters.
  3. Abstract:

  4. Summary of your area of investigation and expected course covering:
  • Contemporary issues and raising research questions are suggested by findings in the recent literature.
  • A brief explanation of planned methods and probable conclusions.
  1. Table of Contents:

  2. It will contain all the elements of the proposal along with their page numbers. It will include:

Get A Free Dissertation Proposal Example and Confirm What To Expect From Us In Your Email!

The dissertation proposal sample provides…

  • ALL the segments, headers, and subheaders that you will need in your proposal, along with
  • Formatting details, such as paragraph and line spacing and pagination
  • Correct-to-form referencing, PLUS
  • Important comments on each section for your ease of understanding

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This is How You Will Be Feeling a Few Days from Now:

“…the dissertation proposal was not only broadly researched but very well-written as well…”

I had chosen a topic for my dissertation but got confused when started writing a dissertation proposal. It was about conversions in the jailhouse and I had planned to reveal that there is some gap in the existing research. I intended to first find a gap and then fill it for my dissertation but I was unable to find the information I needed.

Dissertation help assisted me in completing my proposal in a successful and timely manner. They revealed a hole in the existing research through a literature review, how to fill that hole, proposed methodology, etc.

The proposal was not only broadly researched but very well-organized as well. I submitted it to my dissertation committee and it was approved. It was well worth the investment. I will always highly recommend dissertation help. Thank You.

Darrell Goodman, UK

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