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Struggling to Navigate Ethnographic Research in Unfamiliar Terrain?

Embarking on an ethnographic research journey can be overwhelming, particularly when faced with the complexities of immersing yourself in a completely foreign field site without revealing your identity as a “researcher.”

  • Are you grappling with failed negotiations with gatekeepers who hold the keys to connecting you with key informants essential to your study?
  • Do you find yourself lost in the emerging landscape of this research methodology, unsure which ethnic group or society to recruit and observe for answers to your research questions?
  • Are you conducting ethnographic interviews but struggling to remain objective and unbiased, challenged by your own perspective?

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Our esteemed team of highly qualified and experienced Research Scientists is well-versed in the art of planning, designing, and conducting ethnographic methods. We stand ready to assist you in every step of your qualitative research ethnography, ensuring a seamless and impactful journey.

Step #1: Define Ethnography Research Objectives

The foundation of successful ethnographic research lies in establishing clear, concise, and well-defined objectives before entering the field. By filling out a brief form with your research details and requirements, we ensure that your ethnography objectives are tailored to the ultimate purpose of your study. Each purpose identifies specific objectives, enabling you to focus your fieldwork with precision.

Step #2: Developing a Guiding Question

A guiding question serves as the beacon that directs your quest for understanding. Crafting compelling guiding questions sets the tone and provides a clear path for your research process. These questions keep you on course during field observations, preventing you from losing sight of your research objectives. Should the need arise, guiding questions may be adjusted as you gain more insights during the research process.

Step #3: Sample Identification and Selection

We meticulously assess your research questions to identify the most appropriate social class, ethnic group, or society for your study. Determining subgroups within the population based on study objectives, we also define participant demographics such as gender, ethnicity, age, income, or education. A well-designed screener survey, featuring multiple-choice and yes-or-no questions, helps screen potential participants to ensure eligibility. We may also include an open-ended “descriptive exercise” question to elicit more expressive responses from respondents, emphasizing their eagerness to participate without revealing the focus of the research.

Step #4: Gaining Access Suggestions

Navigating entry into a community requires careful planning and negotiation. Our guidelines for gaining access include negotiation strategies and the identification of gatekeepers who can facilitate your relationships with others in the community. We offer alternative approaches should a gatekeeper be unavailable.

Step #5: Potential Field Sites Suggestions

To optimize your ethnographic research, we provide suggestions on the most suitable field sites based on your research objectives. Factors such as size, makeup, location, and the background and history of the site are scrutinized to ensure the best possible results and conclusions.

Step #6: Designing Open-Ended Questions To Gather Information

Our researchers equip you with data collection methodologies, including hanging around, conducting interviews, and organizing focus groups. We tailor the questions to match your research objectives, making the collection of desired information swift and efficient.

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