Struggling with Formulating Questions for Your Qualitative Interview Research?

Encountering Challenges in Crafting Questions for Your Qualitative Interview Research?

If you find yourself grappling with the challenges of crafting questions for your qualitative interview research, fret not! We understand that designing a comprehensive and effective interview survey can be a daunting task, with numerous factors to consider.

Are you unsure about whom to interview, how many participants are required, or what questions to ask to achieve the desired outcomes for your research? Or perhaps you have identified potential interviewees but are unsure how to approach them and secure their participation. Additionally, overlooking crucial aspects like venue accessibility can be worrisome.

But fear not, as you are now in safe hands!

At, we specialize in custom-designing interview surveys with a methodical and scientific approach, ensuring that your qualitative interview research is conducted seamlessly and efficiently. Our team of experienced researchers and questionnaire design experts is committed to helping you create the perfect questionnaire for your research needs.

Step #1: Define Interview Research Objectives

The process begins by gaining a clear understanding of your research objectives. Through a brief form, you provide us with your research details and requirements, enabling us to define precise research objectives before commencing the project. By doing so, we create a roadmap that encompasses a list of issues or objectives, the information sought from interviewees, and how this information will contribute to your desired results.

Step #2: Identity and Screen Interviewees

Identifying key stakeholders involved in your research and determining the type of information required from them is crucial. We assist you in listing down key stakeholder groups and filtering individuals based on their relevance to your research. Additionally, we may identify reserve interviewees to ensure sufficient coverage. The development of a screener survey ensures that potential interviewees are verified for eligibility before inclusion.

Step #3: Suggestion of The Best Type and Format of The Interview

Our researchers will guide you in selecting the most appropriate qualitative interviewing method based on your research question. Whether you opt for informal conversation interviews, general interview guide approaches, standardized open-ended interviews, or closed fixed-response interviews, we ensure the best fit for your needs. Furthermore, we recommend the most suitable interview format, considering factors such as technology availability, interviewee availability, and your comfort level. Options include face-to-face, email, phone, or chat/messaging interviews.

Step #4: Writing The Qualitative Interview Questions

We take meticulous care in crafting interview questions that align precisely with your research objectives. By identifying what information is crucial to answering each research question, we create a set of well-organized questions in appropriate categories. Open or closed questions are strategically used to seek general and specific information, while yes/no questions may be included if needed. Our aim is to eliminate biased or charged language, ensuring that your questions remain neutral and unbiased.

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