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Welcome aboard! You’re not alone. Managing the statistical aspect of your research isn’t child’s play. You need the guidance of a statistical expert who comprehends your situation.

We specialize in providing statistical support for your dissertation or thesis. Our mission is to help your data convey its story to you. If you’re in the data analysis phase of your research, we’ll guide you through these steps…

Step #1: Data Review and Methods Assessment

We initiate the data analysis process by scrutinizing key aspects of your study, including… A copy of your collected data (already prepared for analysis in a spreadsheet or data analysis program) Methods section Research objectives/questions At Step #1, simply complete a brief statistical analysis quote form. This enables us to understand your study’s specifics and offer a price quote before proceeding.

We’ll furnish you with a comprehensive, fixed-price quote, encompassing all necessary data analysis to finalize your dissertation’s methodology or results sections.

Step #2: Execute the Data Analysis

Select the most suitable statistical analysis technique, which depends on factors like… Whether it entails  (a) a single variable – univariate analysis, (b) two variables – bivariate analysis, or multiple variables – a multivariate analysis. The measurement level of the variable(s) (e.g., nominal, ordinal, etc.) We will conduct the data analysis using the latest versions of… SPSS Minitab E-Views Stata SAS.

Step #3: Results and Interpretation Chapter

Expect to receive the results (tables and graphs) in Microsoft Word documents, alongside a written interpretation that guides you in comprehending and reporting these outcomes.

Step #4: Ongoing Support

We offer unlimited telephone and email support to address any queries that arise. Whether you or your committee members seek clarification about the data analysis, we stand ready to assist.

“You saved me and my dissertation. Just a few weeks ago, I was grappling with structuring my research data, struggling to determine whether the data supported or contradicted my original hypotheses. Your statistical assistance was a lifesaver. My data became remarkably meaningful and conclusive, boosting my confidence to present my research. I am truly grateful for your dedication.” John Langer Nottingham, UK

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How it Works

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We commit to accurately and meticulously analyzing, integrating, and discussing your data, utilizing appropriate and meaningful methods relevant to your research’s type and subject while preserving the authenticity of your data.


Our unwavering guarantee is backed by our highly qualified statisticians, who hold advanced degrees from renowned universities and colleges. They possess hands-on expertise in their fields, employing the latest and most recognized statistical methodologies.

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