12000 word dissertation structure


Dr Jana Martiskova

Writing a dissertation is an arduous task for most students. They spend countless hours reading information and researching the material, then they write and type their way through all of that, all while making sure they have included all the information and research that they need to support their claims. A word processor can help speed up this process, as well as enter important figures into the text boxes. But a 12000 word dissertation structure still remains the most important part of the process, regardless of what tools are used.

It is not difficult to create a word document with the software available today. The majority of these systems allow one to enter in the title and thesis statement and then include a table of contents to show the relationship between the various paragraphs. Allowing students to glance at a piece of paper and follow the various sections and references would make the process much easier for them to understand and therefore work towards a written dissertation. But what about the 12000 word dissertation structure?

During the writing process, it would be very difficult for one to come up with a decent 12000 word dissertation structure. Each individual paper would require its own specific treatment, depending on the audience and the subject of the study. Therefore, it would be necessary to develop a plan, and then stick to it throughout the writing process. And developing a plan would take some thinking on the writer’s part.

Summary of the Literature

First of all, he or she would need to decide how he or she will compile the paper. If he or she plans on just sending the dissertation out, he or she will not be required to spend a lot of time on this. If a committee is involved, he or she may be asked to include information that is researched and presented in a way that is cohesive. For example, a summary of the literature would be a good place to start, followed by the specific research and methodology required for each area of the topic. Next in the sequence would be the conclusions.

In the course of the writing process, it would be important to include notes, posters and references. These are required to back up any of the information that has previously been discussed. The dissertation editor is responsible for ensuring that these are included and appropriately supporting the data, which has been compiled.

Thesis Statement

Conclusions also play a vital role in the writing process. After the documentation has been completed, the writer should be able to state the main thesis statement in a manner that can be easily understood. Reference pages should be used to support any of the main statements. The research mentioned in the document should have been thoroughly researched and is supported with sources that are cited, numbered and described in the document.

Each section of the document is equally important and should be considered equally. For example, the introduction should provide enough information to allow the reader to understand the main thesis of the document. Supporting data can then be outlined. The conclusion paragraph of the document should summarize all the findings and conclusions.

Dissertation Proposal

One of the most important steps in the document proposal phase is the analysis of the research. The researcher must be prepared to describe the methods, data, and conclusions. It is advisable to conduct research outside of the specific area of study that the document is about. By doing so, the researcher is more likely to provide a meaningful document. This is also a good stage to include any expansion or elaboration of the research.

Analysis should be separated from writing. In the document proposal phase, it is often tempting to dive into the research right away. However, the paper has already been written and it makes more sense to take some time out to analyze the research. The final draft will have been written once the document proposal is complete. Therefore, it makes sense to arrange the paper in such a way that analysis can be done at any point.

Propsal Review

The paper will now be ready for review. The reviewer will want to look at the proposal and give his or her opinion on it. The reviewer’s comments will not change the proposal, but they may add to it. At this point, the document is ready to be reviewed and edited.

At this stage the document is ready to be read by a professor or other university officials who are involved with the research. The process does not end there. The paper must still be revised after it has been read and revised. Revisions must be made in order to correct any grammatical errors that have been made, to make the document better suited for the various research areas, and to make it more suitable for the intended audience. This is the stage when the dissertation is truly ready to be submitted to a research university.

These are the main steps involved in 12000 word dissertation structure please follow the instruction to complete your dissertation on time.

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