39 Change Management Dissertation Topics Ideas


Dr Jana Martiskova

Change Management Dissertation Topics

Change is associated with almost every sphere of life and therefore change management dissertation topics are also very broad and enrich. Change management topics for presentation and thesis purposes can be found quite easily in every working sector of human life. Also check out our related post for Management Dissertation Topics and Asset Management Dissertation Topics.

Best List of Change Management Dissertation Topics for college students

We have prepared a list of some handy change management dissertation topics for you as follows:

  • Teaching change management at university levels: focus on IT education success strategies.
  • Change management in construction projects: tools and techniques needed.
  • Critical analysis of organizational change management in the UK-based organizations.
  • How a change management process can affect the performance of mega program projects?
  • Change management and veterinary nurses: focusing on a theoretical framework.
  • Change management pitfalls: comparative analysis of the developed and developing countries of the world.
  • How change management affects performance of interorganizational systems for the public?
  • Change management in Africa: focus on core values of Ubuntu.
  • Investigating the effects of change management practices on the performance of project change cost.
  • Combined effects of business and IT functions on effective change management in organizational setups.
  • Decision-making in change management: how things have changed in the age of information?
  • Investigating the use of cross-functional teams in change management in the public sector: a descriptive analysis.
  • Importance of internal control components in the performance of change management processes.
  • Relationship between organizational change management and cultural revitalization movements.
  • Role played by organizational change management for achieving sustainable competitiveness in the manufacturing industry.
  • Studying the behavioral and attitudinal benchmarking in the tracking of change management processes in organizational setups.
  • Change management and health care nursing: a review of literature.
  • Leadership in change management: comparing hexagonal and pentagonal models.
  • Studying change management tools: focus on internal marketing in organizational setups.
  • Role played by social capital approaches for the evaluations of change management interventions.
  • Qualitative research in change management: importance of grounded theory approach.
  • Change management and electrical contractors: potential challenges and opportunities for better performance.
  • Studying ethics, values and leadership in the context of change management.
  • Relationship between planning and change management.
  • Role played by employees and organizational culture in change management for sustainable competitive advantages: a UK-based study.
  • Role played by internal communication in organizational change management.
  • Technology-driven change management: importance of motivation and stakeholder acceptance.
  • Studying the correlation among change management, workforce remodeling and working practices in primary schools.
  • Change management policies and fact-based enforcement: a systematic study.
  • Investigation of the correlation among change management, curriculum coherence and knowledge sharing in schools.
  • Public sector change management: potential challenges and interventions involved in public hospitals.
  • Climate change management and carbon foot printing: focus on cities of China.
  • Role of climate change management in the reconciliation of growing energy demands.
  • Integration of climate change management and sustainable development planning: a descriptive approach.
  • Studying the integration of western change management concepts into Asian organizations: focus on welfare organizations.

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