39 Event Management Dissertation Topics Ideas


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Event Management Dissertation Topics

Event management dissertation topics are gaining a lot of popularity since they encompass a broad range of target areas. Depending on the academic level and degree program, event management project topics may differ in their expertise and exclusiveness. However, the main crux remains the same in every stage as can be seen from growing literature in the field. Check out our more related posts on management dissertation topics, asset management dissertation topics, Project Management, and change management dissertation topics.

Best Event Management Dissertation Topics Ideas for College Students

We have prepared an extensive list of event management topics for research as given below:

  • Investigation of the objectives and goals of event management associations in China.
  • Implications of event management practices on tourism education in the UK.
  • Sustainable event management in developing countries of the world: a systematic analysis.
  • Event management and active experiential learning: review of the literature.
  • Event management education and simulation gaming: a new perspective.
  • The role played by agent technology on proactive supply chain event management.
  • Event management in rural communities of the world: constructing a hypothetical model.
  • Studying the level of local authority sustainable planning for event management: a case study from Australia.
  • The role played by stakeholders in event management: a review of the literature.
  • Event management in recreation and tourism: a UK-based study.
  • Studying the services provided by event management associations: a global perspective.
  • Event management and cycling tourism: focus on the role played by travel conditions.
  • Perceptions of students on the evaluation of university-level event management education.
  • Historical analysis of event management research over the past 10 years.
  • Comparing male versus female event managers and meeting planners: a qualitative study.
  • A comparative analysis of the direct and indirect use-value of music event experiences.
  • Cycling events: focusing on the staging and managing strategies.
  • Organizational event management and green practices: ow things have changed in recent times?
  • The role played by ICT in event management: focus on emerging economies of the world.
  • Teaching event management at university levels: potential opportunities at a global level.
  • Selection of venues for event management: potential considerations to be taken into account.
  • The role played by culture, leadership, and organizations in the context of event management.
  • Research in the field of event management: past, present, and future directions.
  • Sustainable event management and competitive advantage: a systematic analysis.
  • The role played by security information systems in event management.
  • Robot event management: focus on the importance of tezos technology.
  • Supply chain event management: focus on a theoretical framework.
  • Event management training for internal medicine residents: the importance of a fully simulated intensive care unit environment.
  • Professionalizing event management in Asian countries: a descriptive approach.
  • Small scale event management: best practices to be involved.
  • Importance of analytical visualization techniques in the domain of event management.
  • Studying the relationship between event management and event marketing: a systematic analysis.
  • Customer satisfaction and event management: a review of the literature.
  • Crisis event management and clinical competency: focus on a simulation-based approach.
  • Event management employment: perspectives of students and employers regarding the skills needed for the job.

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