53 Best Dissertation topics on domestic violence & Examples


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Best Dissertation Topics on Domestic Violence for masters and undergraduate students

Here is the list of dissertation topics on domestic violence for college students:

  • Psychiatric treatment effect on domestic violence trauma on the victim – case review
  • What are the emotional factors associated with domestic violence? – a literature review
  • To analyze the triggers which affect domestic victims and the coping strategies.
  • To study the victim of child abuse – a survey analysis.
  • To explore the elderly domestic violence – a case analysis in the UK
  • Do you think the change in law and order can reduce domestic violence?
  • Impact of ethnic background on Domestic violence – a literature review
  • To study the difference in domestic violence in rural and urban areas.
  • To evaluate the role of media in creating awareness of domestic violence.
  • To study male domestic violence in developed countries.
  • Study on the survivors of domestic violence – survey analysis
  • Can a domestic violence survivor live a normal life?
  • What triggers the child abuse survivors? – an emotional survey review
  • Partners domestic violence rate in the UK.
  • Study of Domestic Violence in Asian countries.
  • An analysis of the effects on life and behavior of children who face domestic violence daily in their life.
  • Study on normal children and children who went through domestic violence.
  • Study on male domestic abuse – the causes and impact on their personality and behaviour
  • How to save people from domestic violence? – strategies and approaches.
  • An analysis of campaigns to protect people from abusers of domestic violence.
  • To study the comparison between child abuse and elderly abuse.
  • Study on the workload of a domestic violence victim.
  • Can animal abuse affect the mind of children? An observational review
  • To study domestic violence children victim behavior.
  • What do you think of the sexual molestation of children by their father? Does this count as domestic violence?
  • To explore porn effects in the minds of people.
  • What is the best time to walk away from an abusive relationship? According to abuse survivors.
  • A country with domestic violence victims – A UK analysis
  • What is the role of UNA in Domestic violence?
  • Alcoholic people are mostly domestic violence abusers.
  • Different types of Domestic violence reported in the Asian countries – a comparative analysis
  • A systematic review of domestic violence rate in Pakistan and India in the past 10 years.
  • What is the recent initiative taken by the government to suppress domestic violence in the country?
  • A study on victims of domestic violence turns into abusers.
  • To study Statistical changes in domestic violence since the ’90s.
  • What are the long-term effects on domestic violence victims?
  • Should create an Online survey for the people who are living or facing the same situation.
  • How do give immediate protection to the victims? – medical facilities and security.
  • Make victims feel safe – a comparative analysis of strategies.
  • Is depression permanent for domestic victims? – a survey analysis.
  • To study domestic violence victims who choose suicide as a relief from their pain.
  • Victims choose drugs as a relief from their pain – what do health practitioners recommend?
  • To explore different religions preaching about Domestic violence.
  • Study on victim-blaming – a survey review in the UK market?
  • Study to syndromes which occur from domestic violence.
  • Lack of education is also a cause of Domestic violence.
  • Caregiver violence to people with disabilities – case reviews
  • To study domestic violence in cross cultures – a secondary analysis
  • Religious punishment for domestic abusers – a case review
  • To investigate sibling abuse. What is the reason behind sibling abuse?

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