Crafting Identity: Exploring Novel Branding Dissertation Topics


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How do I find a unique dissertation topic on branding?

Are you a student of marketing and looking for branding dissertation topics? Do you want to research some interesting dissertation topics related to branding? We have this list of interesting branding dissertation topics. You can use any of these for your undergrad and master’s programs. Our experts compile a list of branding dissertation topics below you can pick any one of your choices. We can also help you with your research.

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Here is the best list of Branding dissertation topics and brand management topics for master’s and undergraduate students

Go through the list of branding dissertation topics and select anyone for your dissertation writing.

  • The Impact of Visual Branding Elements on Consumer Perception: Explore how visual branding elements, such as logos, color schemes, and typography, influence consumers’ perceptions of a brand.
  • Luxury Branding in Emerging Markets: Investigate the strategies and challenges associated with luxury brand expansion and marketing in emerging markets.
  • Sustainability and Branding: Analyze the relationship between sustainable practices and a brand’s reputation, examining how eco-friendly branding affects consumer choices.
  • Brand Identity and Political Correctness: Examine how brands navigate the challenges of political correctness in their branding and the potential consequences for their image.
  • Global Branding Strategies: Study the strategies employed by multinational companies to adapt and maintain a consistent brand image across diverse cultures and markets.
  • Brand Storytelling in the Digital Age: Investigate how brands use storytelling techniques in their digital marketing efforts to connect with consumers and build brand loyalty.
  • Co-Branding and Collaborations: Explore the effectiveness of co-branding and collaborations between brands, considering the impact on both brands involved.
  • Counterbranding and Activism: Analyze the use of counterbranding and activism as tools for challenging and reshaping established brand narratives.
  • Personal Branding in the Influencer Era: Investigate the rise of personal branding among social media influencers and its impact on traditional brand-consumer relationships.
  • Brand Resilience in Crisis Management: Study how brands manage and recover from crises, examining case studies of brand crises and their responses.
  • Brand Localization vs. Globalization: Compare and contrast the strategies of brands that adapt to local cultures versus those that maintain a global image.
  • Ephemeral Branding in Pop-Up Shops: Explore the concept of ephemeral branding and the use of temporary pop-up shops to create buzz and brand loyalty.
  • Neuroscience and Branding: Investigate the application of neuroscience in understanding consumer responses to branding elements and how this knowledge is leveraged by marketers.
  • Rebranding and Corporate Image: Analyze the challenges, risks, and rewards associated with corporate rebranding initiatives, considering both successful and unsuccessful cases.
  • Brand Authenticity in a Post-Truth Era: Explore the concept of authenticity in branding, especially in the context of the “post-truth” era and the challenges it presents for brands.
  • How do the segmentation and marketing of consumers influence the luxury retail industry?
  • How effective has the marketing of Black Friday been in terms of driving sales?
  • What are the main features of a brand that are crucial to maintaining its reputation in the market?
  • Is it possible for a newbie to compete with a brand in the too-old market and have a good reputation among the people?
  • What are the things that are judged by the customers while choosing branded products among so many brands?
  • The brand manager is responsible for the popularity of a specific brand in the market, both in negative and positive aspects.
  • To what extent has COVID-19 resulted in the marketing shift in the retail industry?
  • What are the most successful branding strategies and approaches that benefit in breaking through a strong monopoly?
  • What are the important things associated with the marketing of a brand among its customers in the market?
  • How is the marketing of a branded product different from that of the local production of a business firm?
  • Is there any significance of online marketing and delivery of things regarding brand marketing?
  • What are the features of online brand marketing, and how does it differ from conventional marketing through pamphlets?
  • Describe the role of media and television in brand marketing among the people.
  • What are the sentiments of women in terms of comparison branding and advertising?
  • A study showing the impact of advertising on consumer behavior
  • What are the latest technologies and tracker sites that are helping the business management team to know customers’ behavior regarding the consumption of a branded product?
  • How do you do consumer behavior analysis to manage your brand according to the requirements of your target customers?
  • Which are the best things that must be known to the brand manager about consumer behavior?
  • Brand advertising and political campaigns: a possible interwoven impact?
  • A review of the outcomes of advertising in a recession
  • Exhaustive research on how brands exploit impulsive buying
  • A study of how celebrity endorsements on ROI affect CPG brands
  • A survey of the impact of augmented reality on marketing experiences
  • How does the co-creation process on Facebook and Twitter help in effective branding?
  • What is the impact of social networking on brand building and development?
  • The role of attractive advertisements on the purchase decision of consumers for luxury restaurants in the UK.
  • How do the 4 Ps for marketing translate into the marketing strategies for luxury brands?
  • The importance of color psychology in driving the purchase decision of luxury brand consumers.
  • To what extent does Instagram help in the brand management of fast food businesses?
  • What is the impact of cultural perspectives on consumers and brands across the globe?
  • How does strategic management of branding influence the perceptions of consumers related to a brand?
  • What is the brand-building process of a luxury fashion brand?
  • A literature review on the issues and opportunities in brand portfolio management
  • What is the impact of consumer empowerment on engagement and brand loyalty?
  • How has LinkedIn become a platform for employer branding?
  • How does employer branding benefit the long-term success of the brand?
  • To what extent does employer branding influence employee performance?
  • What is the impact of FMCG food packaging on branding strategies?
  • The impact of sales funnels on the revenue streams for high-end luxury brands in the UK. A case study on Rolls Royce.
  • Effect of innovation on the brand’s value. A case study on apple
  • How are countries focusing on branding cities for tourism?
  • What is the impact of brand sound elements on consumer behavior?
  • A literature review on the appropriation of brand extension
  • Studying the concepts of brand identity and positioning?
  • The impact of the 4 P’s on the buyer personas of the high-end bag manufacturing businesses in the UK.
  • The effect of celebrity endorsement on the brand image of the fragrance industry in the UK
  • The relationship between brand equity in increasing prices and altering consumer behavior
  • A systematic literature review on the concepts and strategies of brand management
  • How does the branding of FMCG goods change according to the economic conditions?
  • What is the effect of color packaging on consumer perceptions?
  • To what extent does branding affect consumer behavior and attitude toward a product?

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