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Dr Jana Martiskova

Are You A Good Leader But Not A Good Writer?? Find out The Most Interesting Leadership Research Proposal Topics, Here That Will Leave a Smile on Your Supervisor’s Face!

“A leader is a dealer in hope”

– Napoleon Bonaparte

It is not necessary that a born leader is a good leadership research proposal writer as well!

In fact, a not very famous person once said, a good leader is never a good writer for he is confident enough to deal his public verbally while a writer is expressing his thoughts with a pen.

Therefore, this article is dedicated to all the good leaders out there who are stuck in building up there leadership research proposal.

A topic is a backbone for every article, essay, dissertation etc., hence we have decided to give you the main essences of your leadership research proposal – some suggested topics.

Leadership research proposal

Let me divide the topics in to the various known types of leadership.

Autocratic leadership

  • Autocratic leadership: characteristics, benefits, and downsides
  • The problems with autocratic leadership
  • How command and control is giving away to thought leadership
  • Autocratic leadership in social dilemma
  • Advantages and disadvantages of autocratic leadership

Bureaucratic leadership

  • Bureaucracies Impact on Bureaucratic Leadership
  • When Bureaucracy Kills Leadership
  • Bureaucratic leadership advantages disadvantages
  • Good governance and bureaucratic leadership
  • The Democratic Legitimacy of Bureaucratic Leadership

Charismatic leadership

  • Charismatic Leadership- Changing minds and persuasion
  • The Ethics of Charismatic Leadership
  • The Dangers of Charismatic Leaders
  • Dynamics behind magical thinking and charismatic leadership
  • How to become a charismatic leader?

Laissez-faire leadership

  • The High Cost of Laissez-faire Leadership
  • The destructiveness of laissez-faire leadership behavior
  • Avoidance Behaviors on Aspects of School Learning Environment
  • Characteristics of Laissez-Faire Leadership Style
  • Laissez-faire leadership style management styles theory

Transformational leadership

  • Transformational Leadership – Changing minds and persuasion
  • A Guide ToTransformational Leadership
  • Transactional Leadership Vs. Transformational
  • Empowering Executive Women In Leadership Transformational
  • Improving Organizational Effectiveness through Transformational leadership

That’s about it. There are many other leadership types that you can discuss in your leadership research proposal. That we’re just a few of them, try them and see how much they make a difference to your impression on your supervisor.

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