Science Research Paper


Dr Jana Martiskova

Basic Format for Writing Science Research Paper

Most of the science students have misconception that as they are science students that don’t need to improve either writing skills but they forget that they will be someday assigned to write science research paper. In order to analyze the student’s knowledge of science theories, teachers usually assign them to write
science research papers

If you are also a science student than you need to know the two important things before composing a science research paper:

  1. The format
  2. The content.

Whenever one of the preceding aspects falls week, the research paper on science gets week, therefore, we have decided to provide you basic format for writing a good research paper on science.

Science Research Paper Format


It should be eye-catching depicting the main ideas of the research paper, a word of advice is not to include words like “a brief guide to….” or “a study of…” because it is understood that it’s a research paper, say something that people don’t know.


An abstract shows the main concept of the paper that is usually not more than 250 words, you will have to write the central idea to the paper, hypothesis, the material which will discussed later on and the resources used.

Research methodology

Here, you will discuss the methodology you would be adopting to conduct work in the science research paper, this will also include the tools and techniques you would be utilizing.


You will introduce the topic underlining the problem as well, here; you would be stating the thesis statement as well.

Final results

Here, you will be providing the end results of all the research work you have conducted. Generally, there are three ways of illustrating results.

  • Point by point.
  • Tables or graphs
  • Classification methods


Discuss A to Z research work by employing the research methodology, illustrate the points in details along with the supporting evidence and also provide a reasonable argument for how you reached the above told results and why?


You will document all sources that you have used, there are usually two ways student adopt while writing papers, that are:

  1. APA
  2. MLA

There are other types of referencing style as well, but the above two mentioned styles are mostly preferred in universities and colleges.


This is the section where you will be defining the terms that are difficult and might confuse the readers.

The format will help you divide the sections and arranging them into an organized way, write your paper according to the above told proper format and you will see how much your teacher get impressed by you!

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