39 Sports Management Dissertation Topics Ideas


Dr Jana Martiskova

Sports Management Dissertation Topics

Sports management dissertation topics cover different areas linked with the management of sporting events on national and international levels. Sports management research topics are thus quite popular at international levels as well because international sports are quite famous around the globe. Finding a good research topic in sports management is therefore very important as well. These are the best selected Sports Management Dissertation Topics. Check out our related posts for sports dissertation topics and sports tourism dissertation topics.

Best Sports Management Dissertation Topics for college students

Sports business management dissertation topics have been gathered cautiously for the guidance of our clients in the form of an extensive list that is given below:

  • Sports management: focus on the principles and applications on international levels.
  • Studying the instances of corruption in international sports management domain: a descriptive analysis.
  • The role played by the image of the country in the sports management domain.
  • Studying the relationship between event management and sports management: a correlational analysis.
  • Sports management and its important sustainable practices in X country.
  • Uncovering the ethical basis of sports management: focus on challenges and practices.
  • The role played by knowledge management in managing sports events on international levels.
  • Sports management: focus on evidence-based practices.
  • The role played by international policies on the management of international sporting events.
  • Correlational analysis of sports management, seating capacity, and ticket pricing: a qualitative study.
  • Management of international sports and the international reputation of sportspersons: a correlational analysis.
  • Elite sports management and elite sports performance: a quantitative analysis.
  • Studying the relationship between sports management and sports administration.
  • Focusing on the ethical principles for the sports management professionals: a qualitative approach.
  • The role played by information technology in the domain of sports management.
  • Sports management services: focus on the factors enhancing quality and performance.
  • Studying a sports management perspective for academics and elite-level sports.
  • International sports management: focus on current trends and future research areas.
  • Studying the relationship between sports management and intellectual property domains.
  • Effects of social capital theory and human capital theory on the domain of sports management.
  • Management strategies used by sports organizations in developed versus developing countries of the world.
  • Association of marketing and management domains in international sporting events: a descriptive approach.
  • Human resource management and sports management: a correlational analysis.
  • Effects of management, optimization, and economics on international sports: a review of empirical evidence.
  • Stress management strategies for managing sports-related injuries among players of cricket.
  • The role played by decision-making in international sports business management.
  • Concussions in sports-related injuries: focus on identification, assessment, and management.
  • Relationship between sports management and sports finance: an international perspective.
  • Sports event management: a review of the literature.
  • Historical analysis of international sports management: connecting past with the present and future.
  • Studying the opportunities for professional development in the field of sports management.
  • Comparing different software developed for international sports management purposes.
  • The role played by business administration in the field of sports management.
  • Performance challenges in sports management: focus on human capital factor.
  • Developing a hypothetical business-oriented sports management program.

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