201 Economics Dissertation Topics Ideas and Examples


Dr Jana Martiskova

Economics dissertation topics are crucial for students seeking to delve into the complexities of economic theory and practice. From macroeconomics to microeconomic analysis, selecting the right dissertation topic is paramount for academic success.

One compelling area for exploration could be “Economics Dissertation Topics: Unraveling the Dynamics of Supply and Demand in Contemporary Markets.” This topic allows students to examine how market forces interact in various industries, exploring factors such as consumer behavior, pricing strategies, and the impact of technological advancements.

Another intriguing avenue could be “Economics Dissertation Topics: Exploring the Role of Government Intervention in Economic Development.” This topic offers a chance to investigate the efficacy of government policies in promoting growth, mitigating market failures, and addressing income inequality.

Additionally, “Economics Dissertation Topics: Sustainability and Environmental Economics” presents a timely focus on the intersection of economics and environmental concerns, exploring concepts such as carbon pricing, renewable energy adoption, and the economics of climate change mitigation.

For those interested in international economics, “Economics Dissertation Topics: Globalization and Trade Dynamics” offers a rich field for inquiry, examining issues such as trade agreements, exchange rate regimes, and the implications of globalization on income distribution.

Moreover, “Economics Dissertation Topics: Behavioral Economics and Decision-Making” provides an opportunity to delve into the fascinating realm of human psychology and its influence on economic choices, investigating phenomena such as irrational behavior, biases, and nudges in decision-making processes.

In conclusion, the selection of economics dissertation topics plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of research and academic exploration, offering students the opportunity to delve into pressing issues and contribute meaningfully to the field of economics.

Political Economy:

  • a. The Impact of Political Institutions on Economic Growth: A Comparative Analysis
  • b. Political Determinants of Income Inequality: Evidence from Developing Countries
  • c. The Role of Corruption in Shaping Economic Policies: A Cross-Country Study
  • d. Political Stability and Foreign Direct Investment: A Panel Data Analysis
  • e. Populism and Economic Policies: A Case Study of Recent Trends
  • f. Best Political Economy Dissertation Topics

Behavioral Economics:

  • a. Nudging Strategies for Improving Retirement Savings Behavior
  • b. The Influence of Social Norms on Consumer Decision Making: An Experimental Study
  • c. Behavioral Biases in Financial Markets: Implications for Investor Behavior
  • d. Psychological Factors in Debt Repayment: A Behavioral Analysis
  • e. The Impact of Framing Effects on Environmental Decision Making
  • f. More Behavioral Economics Dissertation Topics Examples

Managerial Economics:

  • a. Pricing Strategies in Oligopoly Markets: A Game Theory Approach
  • b. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Vertical Integration in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • c. Optimal Resource Allocation in Project Management: A Managerial Perspective
  • d. Risk Management Strategies for Multinational Corporations: A Case Study Approach
  • e. Decision Making under Uncertainty: The Role of Managerial Judgment
  • f. More Topics for Dissertation in Managerial Economics for Students

Monetary Economics:

  • a. Central Bank Independence and Inflation Targeting: Lessons from Emerging Economies
  • b. The Effectiveness of Quantitative Easing in Stimulating Economic Growth
  • c. Exchange Rate Volatility and Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Developed Economies
  • d. Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanisms in Developing Countries: A VAR Analysis
  • e. The Role of Digital Currencies in Shaping the Future of Monetary Policy
  • f. More Monetary economics dissertation topics ideas

Economic Geography:

  • a. Urbanization and Economic Development: A Spatial Analysis
  • b. Regional Disparities in Economic Growth: A Study of Infrastructure Development
  • c. The Impact of Transportation Infrastructure on Regional Trade Patterns
  • d. Clusters and Innovation: Exploring the Geography of Knowledge Spillovers
  • e. The Role of Economic Geography in Shaping Global Supply Chains
  • f. More Economic geography dissertation topics examples

Public Economics:

  • a. Taxation and Income Redistribution: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Progressive Tax Systems
  • b. The Economics of Public Goods Provision: A Case Study of Healthcare Systems
  • c. Fiscal Policy and Economic Stability: Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis
  • d. Social Welfare Programs and Labor Market Participation: A Longitudinal Analysis
  • e. The Impact of Government Spending on Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Comparison
  • f. More Public economics dissertation topics Ideas

Financial Economics:

  • a. Financial Market Integration and Economic Growth: Evidence from Stock Market Co-movements
  • b. Asset Pricing Models: Testing the Efficient Market Hypothesis in Emerging Markets
  • c. Financial Innovation and Systemic Risk: A Case Study of Derivatives Markets
  • d. Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Executive Compensation
  • e. The Role of Behavioral Finance in Explaining Asset Price Bubbles
  • f. More Financial Economics Dissertation Topics Ideas

Experimental Economics:

  • a. Trust and Cooperation in Social Dilemmas: Insights from Experimental Games
  • b. The Effect of Incentive Structures on Risk Preferences: An Experimental Approach
  • c. Behavioral Responses to Economic Incentives: A Laboratory Experiment
  • d. Gender Differences in Economic Decision Making: An Experimental Study
  • e. The Role of Social Networks in Facilitating Economic Exchange: Experimental Evidence
  • f. More Experimental economics dissertation topics Ideas

Environmental Economics Research Topics:

  • a. Market-Based Mechanisms for Environmental Regulation: A Comparative Analysis
  • b. Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Methodological Approaches and Policy Implications
  • c. The Economics of Climate Change Adaptation: Assessing Costs and Benefits
  • d. Environmental Policy and Technological Innovation: A Study of Renewable Energy Adoption
  • e. The Role of Behavioral Economics in Promoting Sustainable Consumption Patterns
  • f. More Environmental Economics Dissertation Topics Ideas and Samples

Health Economics Dissertation Topics:

  • a. Healthcare Financing and Access to Health Services: A Comparative Study
  • b. The Economics of Health Behavior: Insights from Behavioral Economics
  • c. Pharmaceutical Pricing and Access to Medicines: A Global Perspective
  • d. The Impact of Healthcare Reforms on Health Outcomes: Evidence from Policy Changes
  • e. The Economics of Aging: Long-Term Care and Retirement Planning
  • f. More Health economics dissertation topics Ideas and Examples

Business Economics:

  • a. Market Entry Strategies for International Expansion: A Comparative Analysis
  • b. The Economics of Innovation: Determinants and Impacts on Firm Performance
  • c. Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Profitability: A Meta-Analysis
  • d. Mergers and Acquisitions: Economic Drivers and Performance Outcomes
  • e. The Economics of Digital Transformation: Implications for Business Strategy
  • f. More Business economics dissertation topics Ideas and Examples

Agricultural Economics Dissertation Topics:

  • a. Agricultural Productivity and Rural Development: A Case Study of Subsistence Farming Communities
  • b. Price Volatility in Agricultural Commodity Markets: Causes and Consequences
  • c. The Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Production: Adaptation Strategies for Farmers
  • d. Agricultural Policy Reforms and Market Efficiency: Lessons from Agricultural Subsidy Programs
  • e. Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security: Balancing Economic and Environmental Objectives
  • f. More Agricultural Economics Dissertation Topics Examples

Development Economics Research Topics:

  • a. Foreign Aid and Economic Development: Evaluating Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • b. Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation: Evidence from Impact Evaluations
  • c. Structural Transformation and Economic Growth: A Comparative Study of Developing Economies
  • d. Inequality and Development: Exploring the Relationship between Income Distribution and Growth
  • e. The Role of Institutions in Economic Development: A Cross-Country Analysis
  • f. More Development economics Dissertation Topics Ideas

General dissertation topics in economics for college students

Here is a list of economics undergraduate dissertation topics also this list is useful for those looking for dissertation topics in economics for postgraduates:

  • The impact of monetary policy on economic growth
  • The effect of international trade on economic development
  • The role of financial development in economic growth
  • The impact of tax policy on income inequality
  • The relationship between inflation and unemployment
  • The effect of education on economic productivity
  • The influence of immigration on the labor market
  • The role of technology in economic growth
  • The impact of corporate governance on firm performance
  • The relationship between economic growth and environmental quality
  • Covid-19 and Economy: Research to identify the impacts of coronavirus on the economy.
    Economy Factors: Factors responsible for job creation and job destruction in the United Kingdom
  • Economic growth: How are economic growth and unemployment connected in your country?
  • Emerging economies: How do the inflows of capital influence emerging economies?
  • What are the causes of capital inflows?
  • Economic Deflation: Economic Deflation Concerns in the United-Kingdom
  • Gender Pay-Gap: Analyzing the Components of the Gender Pay-Gap in the UK – What are the Main Components of the Gender-Pay Gap, and to What Extent do they Contribute to this Inequality?
  • Economic Growth: Does Foreign Direct Investment Influence Economic Growth in Rapidly Growing Economies? An Examination of China and India
  • The Role of Free Trade and Openness in the Growth and Development of South-Asia
  • Growth of Economic Level: Is the Worldwide Internet Affecting the Local Proximity and Contributing to the Growth of Economic-Level
  • The Reasons for Regional Divergence in the Selected Countries and the Comparison between Poor and Well-Developed Regions
  • The Utilization of Farming Economics-Implication into Public Institutions-Sector as Means of Economic Development in Agrarian-Countries
  • Nonstandard Economical Approaches That Were Brought by Emigrants to the US and Their Contribution to Economic-Prosperity
  • The Modern Job-Market Analysis within the Period of 20-Years – the Most Applicable Professions of Nowadays
  • The Shocking Therapy – the Potential Application for the Development of the Economics in the Countries of the Third World
  • Analyzing the Components of the Gender Pay Gap in the UK – What are the Main Components of the Gender Pay Gap, and to What Extent do they Contribute to this Inequality?
  • Role of local ethics and culture in shaping-entrepreneurial economic development in various businesses
  • European regional policy: To discuss the role of the “European regional policy” in shaping or modifying places in the UK.
  • Causes of regional diversity.
  • Analysis and comparison between the richest and poorest places of the UK.
  • A critical analysis of diversity in entrepreneurial attitudes in rural and urban areas.
  • What are the measures taken by the new president of America to rebuild the economy?
  • A look into an economically deprived country – Costa Rica
  • America is on the verge of economic disaster.
  • Causes for the failure of the automotive industry in the United States of America
  • Changes that the American economy has gone through after the catastrophic incident of 9/11 2001.
  • How does the world economic crisis have affected the American economy?
  • What is the role of privatization in the country’s economic growth?
  • The economic condition after the catastrophe of World War II
  • What is the role of inflation in the overall economic status of a country?
  • Why does money’s worth decrease with time?
  • Shedding light on different economic theories that got both succeeded and failed.
  • Effects of nationalization on the overall economic growth of a country
  • What is Laissez-Faire?
  • Countries that have a Laissez-Faire system installed
  • How did the civil war affect the economy of the United States of America?
  • The global financial crisis led to a global economic breakdown.
  • Causes of the drastic growth in China’s economy
  • A brief overview of economic models
  • What do you mean by the fiscal policy?
  • What are the principles of macroeconomics?
  • What is environmental economics?
  • Study of the economic behavior of small groups
  • What is behavioral economics?
  • An introduction to devalued market inventories.
  • What is the cost of production theory of value?
  • Relationship between inflation and economic growth
  • Relationship between rate of unemployment and economic growth
  • Relationship between stock returns and inflation
  • Relationship between bonds returns and inflation.
  • Effect of micro-financing initiatives on an individual household
  • Factors to improve individual’s purchasing power.
  • Effect of commercial bank loans on the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in a developing country
  • Impact of AIDS disease on the development of African countries
  • Impact of technological tools on agricultural retail business
  • Effect of competitors on supply chain management of a product
  • Impact of changing labor markets on consumer purchasing power
  • Effect of the fiscal policy on social welfare in a developing country
  • Effect of international trade activities on the economic development of a developing country
  • Importance of commercial banks in agriculture development of a county.
  • Effect of foreign trade activities on the economic growth of a developing country
  • The impact of fiscal policy on economic growth
  • The role of innovation in economic development
  • The effect of exchange rate regimes on trade and investment
  • The influence of political institutions on economic policymaking
  • The relationship between income distribution and economic growth
  • The impact of economic globalization on labor markets
  • The role of infrastructure in economic development
  • The influence of demographic change on the economy
  • The impact of environmental regulations on firm competitiveness
  • The relationship between corruption and economic performance

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