39 Environmental Economics Dissertation Topics Ideas and Samples


Dr Jana Martiskova

Environmental economics dissertation topics

Environmental economics dissertation topics focus on how environmental issues affect the economy of different countries. Environmental economics thesis topics also include international levels as well. A prominent contemporary example of the use of environmental economics is the cap and trade system. Companies purchase carbon offsets from developing countries or environmental organizations to make up for their carbon emissions. Check out our other related posts for economics dissertation topics and finance dissertation topics.

Best Environmental economics dissertation topics for college students

Environmental economics research topics have been enlisted below:

  • Studying the relationship between environmental economics and ecological economics.
  • What is the place of justice in the laws associated with environmental economics? An inquiry.
  • UK environmental policy and environmental economics: a critical analysis of the last decade.
  • Relationship between environmental economics and modernity.
  • Studying the connections between public policy and environmental economics.
  • Legalities and regulations in international environmental economics.
  • Comparative analysis of different schools of thought in the field of environmental economics.
  • Aquaculture development and environmental economics: focus on limitations and opportunities.
  • Correlational analysis of environmental economics, liability rules, and property rules in X country.
  • Studying the relationship between environmental ethics and environmental economics on global levels.
  • Man-made environmental disasters and economic liabilities at the international levels: a review of the literature.
  • Economic examination of the waste disposal programs in X country.
  • International fish meat markets and their place in the international economy: a descriptive analysis.
  • Critical analysis of the economic policies to handle the Corona crises in developing countries of the world.
  • Examining the economic benefits of using healthy plants on the domain of human health: a quantitative analysis.
  • Relationship between radioactive waste disposal and environmental economics: an international approach.
  • An environmental economic assessment of different types of circular farming.
  • What is the economics of ecology? A review of the empirical evidence.
  • Comparative analysis of the short and long-term effects of illegal mining on environmental economics.
  • The role played by fundraising programs in the promotion of healthy environments in developing countries of the world.
  • Analyzing the environmental economics and legal approaches in developed versus developing countries of the world.
  • Investigating the economic assessment of different adaptation options in the agricultural sector of X country.
  • Correlational analysis of pollution, economics, and environment: a review of empirical evidence.
  • Environmental economics, accounting, and environmental management: a correlational analysis.
  • Studying the role played by thermodynamics in the field of environmental economics: a systematic analysis.
  • Correlational analysis of innovation, environmental policies, and competition in the renewable energy sector.
  • Studying the environmental impacts of the economic inefficiencies in the developing countries of the world.
  • Natural resource economics: a review of empirical evidence.
  • Studying the role played by forest management in the emerging economies of the world: a descriptive analysis.
  • Investigation of the environmental economics of coral reef destruction: an international perspective.
  • Relationship between the environment in small islands and environmental economics: a systematic approach.
  • The role played by environmental taxes in the overall environmental economics of X country.
  • Applied environmental economics: a review of empirical evidence.
  • Correlational analysis of environmental policies, economic policies, and technology policies regarding climate mitigation.
  • Global environmental economics: focus on potential challenges and interventions.

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